Unfiltered Outdoors was created by three friends that wanted to bring new aspects to the outdoor industry. Jon Dittmer, Jeremy Borges and Blake Garrett have over 20 years of combined experience in outdoor television and were tired of the typical “cookie cutter” outdoor television show. Each of the guys bring a different personality to the team and that diversity is what sets Unfiltered Outdoors apart. They took all of their prior experience in the industry and created a modern outdoor show that appeals to not only the hardcore hunter but to the weekend warrior as well. Laughs, mishaps, successes and failures are all a part of Unfiltered Outdoors. By removing the “cookie cutter” filters from the industry Unfiltered Outdoors is able to provide the viewers with a realistic outdoor program that they can relate to. Unfiltered Outdoors has launched a new app to provide the outdoorsman with a live feed to real time hunts throughout the fall. This app is paving the way for the next digital marketing campaign

Jon Dittmer

Taxidermist, Professional Hunter

Born and raised in Higginsville, Missouri, Jon Dittmer studied criminal justice at central missouri state university. During college, Jon initially opened Spring Creek Taxidermy to help with his finances, which worked out to be his career and dream job. Jon has now been a full time taxidermist for 16 years. He met his wife Laura in college and they have two beautiful kids named Colton and Hadley. Jon has been filming his hunts sense 2009 and has been featured on the show Drury Outdoors Dream Season “Workin Man” and The Whitetail Fix currently airing on the Sportsman’s Channel. With a new goal in mind, you will see Jon and his family LIVE on the Unfiltered Outdoors app!

Jeremy “Worm” Borges

Metal Fabricator & Welder, Professional Hunter

Jeremy “Worm” Borges was raised in the small town of Gallatin, Missouri. He began hunting at the age of six with his father. By the age of twelve he had harvested his first whitetail with a bow. This would only be the beginning of his need to fulfill an ultimate fix. Jeremy attended college at Missouri Western State University, studying Criminal Justice. He landed a full time job working at Altec Industries as a metal fabricator and welder and has been working there now since 2005. During this time, hunting never left his life, with continuous trips back home as the opportunities arose. While attending college, Jeremy would eventually meet his wife Kim, and have been happily married since 2009. They have two beautiful children, Hannah and Brody. Spending time as a family is very important to Jeremy and he can’t wait until his kids are old enough so he can carry on his passion of hunting with them. In 2010 Jeremy was fortunate enough to begin filming for good friends Chuck Weldon and Steve Filley, for Drury Outdoors Dream Season 8: Workin’ Man. This opportunity led him to eventually meet Jon Dittmer, where the love of hunting formed a new partnership and together they now pursuing their “whitetail fix” together. Jeremy is ecstatic to be a part of something so dynamic and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Blake Garrett

Co-host of Unfiltered Outdoors, Photographer, and Outdoorsman.

Blake grew up in the woods of Central Missouri and still calls it home today.  Blake is a passionate bowhunter and Videographer and enjoys hunting mature White-tails throughout out the Midwest.  Blake’s most memorable hunt to date was when he filmed his 6 year old son Hagan take his first deer. Blake enjoys scouting in the off season and running several trail cameras during the season to keep tabs on his deer. When you see Blake use his rattling antlers you realize he is truly magical with them. He seems to be able to say all the right things to bring in the big bucks. Blake has taken over 27 P&Y whitetails to date and you can bet he will be doing his best to add to that number this fall.